Ismail Shammout

Tamam El-Akhal

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The Exodus and the Odyssey Gallery
Letter from the Artists
Summary of the work (by Author Abdul Qader Daher)
The Close-ups
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The Exodus and the Odyssey is a series of artwork created by the renowned artists Ismail Shammout and Tamam El-Akhal over a 4-year period. The collection of Nineteen wall murals (each 200cm x 165cm in size) allowed the artists to:

“…illustrate our memories and document our experiences before, during, and after the "Alnakba" (catastrophe) of 1948 in Palestine as well as the bitter journey our country men and women had to endure. Finally, we ended the series with murals depicting the future dreams and aspirations of our people.” 
– Ismail Shammout and Tamam El-Akhal

Ismail and Tamam’s journey through creating this work is beautifully summarised by the author Abdul Qader Daher, written at the time the series was being worked.

Each of the 19 paintings has a story to tell, and is fully documented in our gallery of their work. We have been able to capture their work through our unique Funun process with exclusive access to the originals, and are able to reproduce their work at the quality it deserves.

The pieces in the series consist of large 200cm x 165cm murals, each depicting a multitude of stories and emotions. So much is portrayed in each painting that we can extract close up sections within each work which tells its own specific story. With the assistance of the authors we have been able to frame specific close ups within each of the 19 pieces which can stand in their own right as magnificent works and for the first time are available for reproduction using our pioneering Funun process.

Due to our exclusive access to the artists of The Exodus and the Odyssey we were also able to capture details how this work was created over the 4 year period. Beautiful time lapsed images of masterpieces allow you to see how each one developed over time until it took on its final form. These images give a unique insight into how these Masters work.