Welcome to FununArts, the home for art lovers everywhere. We specialize in Museum Quality reproductions of Fine Art paintings. We pride ourselves on reproducing masterpieces exactly as the artist intended them to be seen. Quality is paramount to our work, with perfection in capturing, processing and printing.

We are also proud to be the exclusive home to the world famous series of The Exodus and the Odyssey by the internationally renowned Palestinian Artists Ismail Shammout and Tamam El-Akhal.

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FununArts is a system that was developed out of our love and admiration for the work and effort put by the artists to produce their masterpieces. This love propelled us to find ways to reproduce these pieces of priceless artwork exactly as the artist intended them to be seen.

Through several years of research, acquiring the proper equipment and many long days and nights of experimentation and trial and error, we have finally achieved our goal. We can now say that we have mastered the techniques that make our system unique in the Giclee Fine Art Reproduction Industry.

Our proprietary techniques focus on precision in image capturing. We have developed a system of acquiring images of Fine Art with the highest resolution and perfect color calibration without having to do any retouching to the images. Unlike similar systems, our system and equipment are also portable enough to go anywhere so we can capture the most amazing pieces of art wherever they may be.

Our post processing and printing processes do not get any less attention to detail and care. We use the very best quality in materials to ensure that our customers can always enjoy these masterpieces just as the artists intended.

We are honored and privileged to have as our début feature The Exodus and the Odyssey series by the great artists Ismail Shammout and Tamam Al-Akhal. These artists are among the most famous in the Arab World and on the International art scene. They have received many awards and recognitions both regionally and internationally. The Exodus and the Odyssey series is part of their private collection and is a very important one. This series has toured many international capitals and cities.