Premium Fine Art Reproductions

FununArts has developed a unique end to end process to reproduce fine art at the highest quality and integrity currently available today.

Our Funun process starts from digitizing the original artwork (we only reproduce directly from the originals) using a pioneering system to allow us to capture at unbelievably high quality. Our typical digital resolution is around 90 megapixels, even for large canvases. We also use various techniques to painstakingly ensure our lighting captures the original art with no distortions.

Funun also encompasses the printing process to translate the premium digital images onto canvas reproductions. From sophisticated color calibration, to selecting the finest printing inks (which have over a 100-year life expectancy once printed), we guarantee the highest quality printing of the highest quality images from some of the finest art in the world today.

We showcase our Funun reproduction process with one of the most important collections in the Arab art world – the Exodus and the Odyssey collection painted by renowned Palestinian artists Ismail Shammout and Tama El-Akhal.

We also have other work from these two important artists for your viewing pleasure.

All prints offered through will be certified as being reproduced using the Funun process and come with are 100% guaranteed to be of the quality you expect.

Enjoy the show.